About Us

In 2020 we will be celebrating 50 years of service to Ballarat and the wider community. 

Frank Ford Travel, is the longest running Travel Agency in Ballarat. It was established in 1970, operating out of the old Crocker’s Building on the corner of Armstrong and Sturt Streets, the current site of Book City.

Frank Ford Travel is owned and operated by Kylee Ellerton and is an associate member of the Helloworld Travel group.

Helloworld Travel is a leading Australian based travel company with Australia’s largest network of 2,000 independent franchised travel agents.

At Frank Ford Travel, we are Ballarat's local Travel Specialists with our widespread knowledge and experience. Our consultants are passionate about travel and know how to tailor the perfect holiday for each of our clients.

We pride ourselves on getting to know all our clients and in learning specifically what you want from your holiday experiences and how we can make that a reality each and every time you travel with us.

 We are also available to assist you on each step of the holiday journey, from planning to booking to travelling to returning home and to booking again!

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, with precious memories to last a life time!
Here at Frank Ford we feel privileged to provide personal service to you, our much valued clients. Travel with us and you won’t be disappointed with our service.

We try harder than any other travel agency. Why? Because we care about you, your family and our reputation.

Photo Gallery

Kylee at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Chelsea, Rome, Italy
Caitlin at Niagara Falls, Canada
Meg in Santorini, Greece
Libby at the Pyramids, Egypt

Nicole, Kenya

Kate at Disneyland, USA
Chelsea in Las Vegas, USA
Nicole at the Great Wall, China
Libby in Spain
Kylee, in Vietnam
Kate at Huntington Beach, LA
Caitlin at Times Square, New York
Chelsea, London Bridge
Our Crew, Sydney Harbour Bridge