Corporate / Business Travel

If you travel for business, there are significant advantages in partnering with our team at Frank Ford Travel to book and manage your trips. Either for yourself or your employees.

> Let us help you by taking away the stresses of managing your business travel.

> Free up your time by letting us do the work. Why have one of your own employee's trying to arrange flights, accommodation etc, when it can be as simple as an email or phone call.

> We can arrange Business Travel Insurance policies.

> Access to our 24/7 Emergency Contact (where you will actually speak to one of us.)

> A personal dedicated consultants who will understand your personal needs and preferences and ensure you are always getting the best deal.

> A Single Invoice for each trip to ensure balancing accounts is easier for you.

> Use your American Express Rewards Points for any bookings made through us

> 30 day terms to approved businesses

We offered tailored solutions for all Business Travel needs, please contact us today to discuss your future Business Travel requirements. We would love nothing more than to build a relationship with your business and will be pleased to show you how partnering with us will make your Businesses travel stress free. 

Our Corporate Travel brochure contains more beneficial information.

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