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Celebrating 50 years of service in 2020!

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Kylee Ellerton


My dad was a travel agent so from a early age I was introduced to the world of travel . He taught me everything I now know working along side him in our family business .
Travel is in my blood & I feel privileged to now own Frank Ford Travel helping plan dream holidays .

Years of experience:  31

Favourite travel destination: Vietnam , Singapore and kangaroo island

Best Travel Advice: travel while you are young and able . Experiences & memories are far more important then money will ever be .

My most recent adventure: Club Med . I didn’t think I would be a fan of the all inclusive holiday but absolutely loved it . Its like a cruise on land. Great holiday for families as once its paid for there is no putting your hands in your pockets when you’re there . My kids had a ball eating their way around the resort , participating in activities or just lazing around. It was a holiday for me as well as them and we loved the Club Med concept. I have just done Club Med Bingtan and Nusa Dua so come and see me if you think you would like an all inclusive holiday with little stress.

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Meg Lyons


Travel is so rewarding- visiting new and exciting places, new cultures and new experiences! Every day is an adventure!

Years of experience:  13 years

Favourite travel destination: Kenya & East Coast Canada

Best Travel Advice: TRAVEL INSURANCE- this is a must for every trip- Don’t leave home without it!

 My most recent adventure: Africa, New Zealand and a few family trips within Australia

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Nicole Turner


"I love travel as it gets you out of your comfort zone, you experience new cultures and people, local food, amazing destinations and have memories for life."

Years of experience:  22 years

Favourite travel destination: Iceland

Best Travel Advice: Learn some basic phrases in the native language of the country you are visiting.

My most recent adventure: In the last 12 months I have been lucky enough to travel to Russia on a Peregrine Tour, Peru to the amazing Machu Picchu, Chile & to stunning Norway.

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Chelsea Ellis

Travel consultant

It is amazing to have the privilege to travel. I love learning about the history, seeing the sights & experiencing different cultures and foods. 

Years of experience:  7 years.

Favourite travel destination: It’s so hard to choose one as I have so many favourites but I absolutely loved my travel throughout Italy, it has so much to offer from the beauty, history, sights and the food of course was AMAZING!

Best Travel Advice: Always take 3 forms of money (credit card, cash & a travel money card) and keep them separated so If something gets lost or stolen you aren’t stranded with no money.

My most recent adventure: In my most recent travels I have experienced the incredible Rockies in luxury on the Rocky Mountaineer, travelled to the UK & Europe & have just returned home from an amazing adventure in the Yukon.

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Libby DenOuden

Travel consultant

"The best education I have ever received is through travel."

Years of experience:  14 years

Favourite travel destination: Canada

Best Travel Advice: 
Pack half of what you think you need, and then double the amount of money you think you will spend.

My most recent adventure: 
Since having my three little ones (now aged 3, 6, 7) we have been visiting the Gold Coast
regularly. Hoping to tackle an international trip in 2020. Wish me luck!!

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Caitlin Walker

Travel consultant

"Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. "

Years of experience:  7 Years

Favourite travel destination: Rockies & New York

Best Travel Advice: Don’t stress about what you pack so long as you have your passport and credit card, you can buy anything you forget over there.

My most recent adventure: Within the last 12 months I have been lucky enough to go to South Africa, Airlie Beach, Hawaii & Vanuatu all of which were amazing yet different experiences.

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Kate Cummins


Travel is a huge part of my life.  I love seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world.  I want my boys to be aware of how big the world is and all the possibilities that are out there.

Years of experience: I have been in the Travel Industry for 16 years. 8 years @ Frank Ford Travel.

Favorite travel destination: My favorite city in the world is New York. I love how busy it is. My favorite part of the world is Canada & Alaska. The scenery is like nothing else and simply stunning.

Best Travel Advice: Uber instead of Taxi. You know the drivers name, number plate, the cost, where to meet and where to drop off – all before getting into the car.

My most recent adventure: 

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Southern California recently.  Huntington Beach, Palm Springs & Anaheim.  A very beautiful part of the world.