Client Testimonials

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"Special thanks to Kylee and the team @ Frank Ford Travel for their tireless effort, we are forever indebted to you” – Lee

“Thanks Kylee. We really appreciate what you have done for us and are actually quite amazed at how much money we have had refunded” – Lois  & Bruce

“Thanks for this update. We really appreciate your professional support and direction” – Judy & Ron

“Thanks for all your wonderful support, we are very grateful" – Fiona

“Thank you so much for your help. I don’t think I would have got through this process without you” – Karen

“Thanks for the work you have done on this – I appreciate it. I genuinely wish you and your business every success in the future, FFT has been a big part of Ballarat for many, many years and has opened the door to the world for many Ballarat people. I look forward to seeing this continue in the future” - Craig

“Thank you for your assistance with this. We will certainly be booking with Frank Ford Travel when we are able to travel again” – Lucinda

“You are a superhero! That’s amazing, thank you so much. The second it is safe to re-book, I will be rebooking” – Tanya

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team @ Frank Ford who have worked so hard to get this result for the school. We are very grateful” – Adam

“I hope the business is getting through OK – hang in there. I’m looking forward to COVID-19 ending so I can book a few more trips” – Richard

“Wow that was fast, wasn’t expecting it for another couple of months. I have been telling everyone I know how fantastic all of you have been through all this. David and I will be back as soon as we are able to start travelling” – Tracey

“Thank you.  Appreciate the quick response” – Richard

“Thanks for this.  It certainly is trying times we are in” – Luke

“Thanks for getting our deposit refunded, much appreciated.  Thanking you” – Alan & Cheryl

“Thank you for all your hard work team” – Anne

“Thank you very much for doing all the hard yards.  I’ve heard so many clients in a similar situation lost thousands….so thank you!” – Paul

“That’s great news, yes refund it all on Monday and thank you again for all your hard work” – Matt

“You go girl! Well done. I think that you have what it takes for sure. Once again, thanks for the great effort” – Garry

“Love your work ladies! Thanks a bunch for the help” – Garry

“Thanks so much for your efforts Kylee” – Peter

“Thanks Kylee, I know these things take time.  It’s depressing at the present time but we will all be desperate to book with you once we can fly again.  Hang in there” – Tracie

“Thanks for getting in contact, I have absolute faith you are doing your best to chase the refund and I do understand that wait times have blown out” – Tracie

“We are more than happy with what Libby sent us. We would love for you to hold our money in credit as we will travel with you and complete the trip once this is over.  You and your staff have been amazing. Hang in there” – Kylie

“We are still keen to travel when it is safe to venture overseas and look forward to booking again with you sometimes in the future” – Yvonne & Don

“Thank you so much for your efforts!  We look forward to hearing from you. Take care” – Angela

“I cant thank you enough for all the work you must be doing to get everyone’s money back for them including ours.  You have been extra good at keeping in touch with me too and I really appreciate that.  I will be back to book another holidays with you as soon as I feel safe to do so” – Ailza

“Hi Kate and Kylee – thanks so much for your help – looks like we may have sorted it!” – Peter

“Many thanks for your message today.  We appreciate all you have done for us and the professional way you have helped us” – Yvonne & Ian

”Thanks for the update Kylee and know we feel for you guys with all that’s going on at the moment.  Appreciate your help” – Heather & Lyle

“Thanks for all your hard work in getting us these refunds” – Gerard

“We look forward to having you organise trips for us when life returns to normal” – Annmaree

“Thanks for the update Kylee.  We know it’s not your fault. Don’t stress it will come back eventually” – Dianne & Graham

“Thanks so much for your emails and phone calls.  Thanks for your professional service it is much appreciated” – Roz

“Thank you lovely ladies. We know you are looking after us” – Glynn & Nola

“Appreciate that you are keeping us informed. Hope your days are improving” – Kylie

“We really appreciate all your help with this, we know and understand you have a lot to deal” – Kylie

“Thank you for the update Kylee. Much appreciated” – Kitty

“We genuinely appreciate the service you are providing and I can only imagine the enormous workload for your team.  Its’ times like these that loyalty is so important and I can assure you your service will be long remembered” – Judy

“Libby was fantastic and provided us with great service” – Judy

“Thanks for this update Kylee. Keep up the great work” – Ron & Judy

“Thank you Kylee.  Thanks for your efforts” – Adrian

“You are such a treasure! Thank you so very much for sorting this out. Keep smiling and stay safe” – Kathryn

“We just cant’ wait to rebook through you. We sing your praises to everyone, you are blooming brilliant and what is happening through the pandemic is no reflection on your expertise and wonderfulness!” – Kathryn

“Thanks for that Kylee.  Rest assured we will be back to book again once we are back on our feet” – Melinda

“Thank you Kylee. You really have been amazing.  You need a pay rise. HA! Not to mention a holiday” – Judy

“I will always recommend Frank Ford Travel as I have been looked after well. I have recommended Frank Ford Travel for years since you have taken over this business. I could not complain with the service you have provided me with” – Maree

“Thank you for all your great work in planning our trip to Poland (but short lived) and in your good work in getting our money back.  We wish you all the best for the future” – Irene & Wally

"Well you know that you have a great travel agent when they email you at night to inform you that they have finally managed to get our American Airlines refund back 1 year later! They sat on the phones for hours and did it all. Our holiday loss was at  an minimum thankfully. Thanks so much Kylee." – Kathryn

"Thanks so much Kylee, still can’t believe it, so grateful for all your hard work. You’re a star !!" – Tanya 

"OMG you legend, can’t believe it, thanks so much Kylee for all your hard work and care of your clients hopefully we can get back into support you soon.-" – Tanya 

"Thanks Legends, We appreciate everything you have done to get us away . That's why we use the best travel agents in the world." – Regards Andrew

"Kylee and gang …. I cannot thank you all enough you have been absolutely amazing …. If you pick something up from the Post Office ignore the card – it was when we thought we weren’t going!  The outcome is just amazing." – Lorelle 

"Hey Kylee and Meg, thanks for all the arrangements Hope you are going ok Thanks again" –  Deb & Andrew

"Excellent service. Kind regards and many thanks" – Dianne & Graham 

"Thanks so much Kylee! You guys have done such an amazing job in persisting with this... You are all such patient and hardworking people and our family are very appreciative of your efforts. Looking forward to when we can finally travel again without fear of cancellations etc so we can utilize your services again. With our gratitude, The Lim family."  – Irene

"Hey Kylee, can’t download image or send photos. Having the most beautiful time and feeling so incredibly spoilt.  Thank’s you so much, don’t want to come home " – Ange and Peter

"Hi Libby, Just wanted to say a big thank you for organising our recent holiday to Cairns. We had an amazing time and everything went very smoothly. We will definitely be booking our next holiday through your agency again. Also thanks to Kylee for following up with the baby seat in the hire car!" – Tom, Sally, & Roy.

"Thanks so much for everything you have done. We are so great full for what you are trying to do. And also for our flights home .Your the best travel agent in Australia I’m sure." – Judy

"Thanks Kylee once again for your excellent service cheers" – Ian 

"Thanks so much Kylee . Will forward permits onto my daughter Sounds like a plan, we will be in touch in September .Take care and thanks again for ALWAYS being so helpful !!!" – Fiona

"Hey Kylee and Meg, thanks for all the arrangements.. we are back home now and had a great time.  All flights without a hitch - only 20 passengers on our trip back from Brisbane last night.  The airports are so quiet its a bit eerie! Hope you are going ok - lots more travel changes, it's never ending .Thanks again" - Deb & Andrew.

"Dear Kylee, Well aren’t you just an absolute treasure! The refund is amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We still really appreciate all you are continuing to do for us! We have everything firmly crossed to be able to travel to the USA next year. We refuse to give up our dream. Can’t wait to rebook with you guys! I sing     your praises to everyone! Yes stay warm, positive and happy lovely lady." – Kathryn & Brendan

"You and your team have been amazing through all this and I know we are not the only ones you have been doing all this crap for so I just wanted to say congratulations to you all for hanging in there and hope you continue to do what you do for a long time because you are all very dedicated to this industry and your business and you deserve to thrive. Thank you so much! The industry needs more people like you" – Chris & Kev

"I have a lovely gift here, that was personally delivered to me tonight. How thoughtful you all were. I should be getting all you something, for all the work you have put in, not only for me, but for many others. You all have been amazing. Only hope life can get back to what we all had before this COVID came into our lives. And FrankFord will be once again, the only place to go & book your Holidays .Many Thanks to you all. xx" – Judy & Ross

"I will send through a pic of us all relaxing by the pool (smile) ….  Still can’t quite believe we are going to get there – In sincere appreciation" – The Huntly Family

"You have no idea what you may have pulled off for us as a family Kylee and I truly mean thank you for your efforts over the past week – they have not gone unnoticed and are genuinely appreciated – LOVE your work! If it doesn’t pan out don’t stress you have done everything humanly possible to make it work!" – Lorelle

"Hi Kylee. Again I’m imposing on your knowledge, Do you know if we can travel through SA and enter NT. When we are allowed to book OS i will 100% coming to see you! Hope your well. X thanks" – Maxi

"James Stephens is very much enjoyng his time up in the NT with our family, but it you’ve never been to the NT, NOW is the time to go –contact Kylee Ellerton and the team at Frank ford travel Ballarat. Ballarat’s longest running travel agency and a member of the Helloworld team" – Helen 

"I am no fan of Alan Jones but I love Kylee Ellerton to bits. Hang in their lovely lady better days to come." – Jennifer 

"Thank’s Kylee for booking us a very spontaneous little getaway!" – Laura 

"Frank Ford travel is the best. Kylee and Kate are the best. They’re not just my travel agents but now my friends." – Mif 

"Kylee, Paul and Meg were all absolutely amazing with helping me organising my travel and for making sure I got there safely and comfortably .Could not recommend them enough" – Mitchel 

"Thanks Kylee and Kate for the travel brochures for the NT. Very exciting... Best independent travel agent around" – Kate 

"Back safe and sound. No drama at all. Thanks for your advise and assistance Kylee.Had a covid test today at Marty busch oval took 4 hours to get through .Hope your all good" – Heather 

"Fantastic! Great work already mentioned, much appreciated! Thanks" – Irene

"Thanks Kylee. Love your work! Thanks for your assistance it is greatly appreciated.  Tough time for you but you are fighter and I know that you will get through this.  What doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger!!Keep up the great work and we will keep drumming up as much support for you as we can find .Kind regards." – Garry

"On behalf of the Committee for the Ballarat Careers Expo we would like to thank you for your contribution to this year’s Expo, held on Monday 19 August. This valuable community event could not have been a success without the help of you and the many other volunteers who provided their expertise and time" – Donna 

"Hi Kylee,That is fantastic news!!  Thank you once again for your perseverance, we really appreciate it.  We hope you also have a great weekend, we are going to enjoy it in Torquay & appreciate the sun & warmth as it may be the last for a while." – Heather & Brian

"Thanks so much for going into bat for us.. I'll see what I can do re another letter" – Irene 

"Hi Kylee, Joan & I arrived home from USA last week - we had a great trip. I got your nice letter + cheque for club for % if of trips booked. It was a terrific message - Lloyd (club Chairman) read it out to all the members at the club last Friday night. We all thought it was terrific - we are lucky to have great sponsors. Cheers for now"  

"I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Kylee who went above and beyond with her service when she helped me with a travel issue Even though my booking wasn’t made with her she went out of her way to help us .Her service was amazing always contacting me to follow things up .Not once in the process did I have to contact her.I would not hesitate to recommend Kylee and her company for any travel service. I know who my new travel agent will be in the future!!" – Jodie  

"Many thanks to Kylee and her crew at Frank Ford Travel for everything that you have done for us during this extremely difficult time. Who ever thought a pandemic would bring the world to its knees. To say the whole travel industry has been hit hard is a huge understatement. We booked our dream holiday to the USA last year, we never anticipated that our international borders would be closed. Kylee has handled our booking so professionally and efficiently. Nothing has been too much of a bother, all was done in a friendly, informative and caring way. When our planes start to fly  again we will go back to Kylee for two reasons. Firstly because she has been loyal and supportive to us and secondly  because they honestly are Ballarats best travel agent. Has been such a stressful and difficult time, thank goodness we chose Frank  Ford Travel. Thank goodness we didn’t have to fix this mess up by ourselves, they are the ones sitting for hours on their phones while we relax. A good travel agent is worth their weight in gold. We were so lucky to have you Kylee! Wishing you guys all the best. Thank you." – Waight family 

"Shout out to Frank Ford Travel for their care and concern .Above and beyond.Hope things get a little less crazy for you all soon" – Donna 

"Hi Kylee, We hope you are well & had a lovely Easter. Thank you so much for your perseverance. We really appreciate all the time & effort you are putting in for us." – Heather

"Thanks Kylee . We have been so happy with your communication and diligence regarding the cancellation of our holidays . We will absolutely be booking our holiday to New Zealand as soon as we feel it safe to do so with out the fear of needing to cancel again . Will be in touch when we wish to book . Thanks again and Frank Ford Travel will ALWAYS be our travel agent of choice (and we will spread the word too)." –  Fiona 

"Kylee,Good morning. And thank you for your effort to finally secure it, much appreciate your patience to keep persevering. And maybe another adventure, but who knows when or where. Continue to stay safe and well." – Richard

"Thanks Kylie and Libby on behalf of all of us.Hope you guys have a great safe Xmas!" – Kim 

"As usual, you FF folk have done a great job in a year where your industry topped the charts on hardest hit – hope the break goes well.OK to revisit Garuda early 2021.Cheers." – Don

"Hi Kylee and Meg, Thank you so much for persisting with and securing this refund for me. I am happy with the credit being  retained by FFT. It is certainly my intention to utilise FFT for my future international travel bookings.  I don’t expect to be travelling for a while but hopefully my daughter Emily will eventually be able to get to Canada to marry Andre I will be in touch as soon as flights to Canada become a realistic possibility." – Ian

"Thanks Meg This is a great summary of our outstanding credits.We look forward to meeting with the team at Frank Ford to make plans for our future holidays. Please pass on our special thanks to Kylee. Our refund has been received." –  Judy and Ron

"Dear Kylie and all your staff, Thankyou so much for the refund from Qantas ‘im so sorry they have given you all such a hard time over their refundsI.I do hope that things begin to improve soon and they start opening borders so people can move around next year and business returns even just domestic travel." – Liz and Nigel

"Amazing Kylee, thanks so much for your support of Sovereign Hill. I have been thinking of you and the team often. Back in 2001, I was a travel agent in USA during Sep 11 and the collapse of Ansett, but that was nothing compared to what COVID has done to international and domestic travel this year. Thanks so much for having our holiday extended. Hopefully one day, we will be able to put plans into action! Do I just contact you when it comes time to rebook? Thanks again" –  Janelle

"YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE STARS AND OUR HERO’S FOR SURE!! Well done and love your work." – Garry

"I can happily recommend Frank Ford Travel for your next holiday. They have been fantastic in booking and then rearranging our trip because of covid. Communication even throughout this stressful time for the business has been exceptional." – Mcdonald family 

"Many thanks Kylee!!!Both Nicole and myself really appreciate your efforts on this along with your strength and professionalism. Please be ensured that when we can we will continue to support your business and recommend you to others" – Dean

"Hi Kylee,Thank you for your ongoing work with these refunds. I appreciate all of your efforts and will definitely use your agency for any future travel. Regards and best wishes." – Mary Louise

"Hi Kylie,Sorry for the late response.Thanks for your email and details. The refund did come through so all is well.Would love to think that sometime in the not too distant future I could once again do business with Frank Ford. We will all have to be patient in waiting to see.Thanks again for all your work.Kind regards." – Catherine

"Hi Kylee,I did reflect on the figures after I had left you yesterday so thanks for your explanation. I know you will look after us in the future so all is quite OK. My perspective is that you are quite entitled to have your booking fee given not only was the original booking made but you then had to go to the trouble of working thru the messy and time consuming refund process on our behalf. So, all good and know we are most appreciative for all you have done. It was lovely meeting you in person yesterday and chatting about all sorts of things. We will be returning again to formulate new trips as soon as the travel situation improves. Hopefully very soon." – John

"Look what I just got the refund!!!!Thank you so much for your help and guidance!Don’t think we would have gotten here if it weren’t for you.Please be assured that when it is safe to head to Vietnam you will be hearing from us!!! Xxxx" – Jodie 

"Hello Kylee It is comforting to know that some one continues to act on our behalf. Thanks for your ongoing efforts." –  Nigel.

"Hi Kylee,Thanks for that. I am sure you are working your little butt off trying to get these sorted.It is such a difficult time for you and all your colleagues in the travel industry. I guess so long as we get our money back then that is the main objective. Cheers." –  Jill

"Thanks to kylee and the team at Frank Ford travel for their tireless effort,we are forever indebted to you." – Lily and Lee 

"Hi Kylee, Thank you and your team so much. It is very much appreciated. Looking forward to a time when we can rebook and Mum and Dad can experience that wonderful holiday." – Kerrie

"Thank you Kylee.We really appreciate your efforts and follow up. You take care as well. Cheers." – Phil

"Hi Kylee, thanks for your lovely message and update on our Qantas flights. Looks like we will be waiting a few months yet which is just the way it is. We are waiting for the Covid vaccine to be ready! The poor world just needs to heal. What an absolute shocker of a year (like l am telling you something you don’t know!). I don’t know anyone that hasn’t done it tough. You guys are firmly in our thoughts. We hope you are keeping safe, healthy and strong. Better days are coming. Can’t wait to re-book with you. Take care" – Kathryn

"Thanks for this update. We really appreciate your professional support and direction .I must say it’s all very challenging & without an end date in sight for international travel it’s important the communication is proactive. Take care of yourself." – Judy & Ron 

"Kylee,Thank you. You and Meg have been amazing through out this whole process and we really do appreciate all your efforts in obtaining refunds for us. We understand that you will have spent countless hours advocating not only for us but many others and that this was not something that anyone could ever have foreseen. Please pass on our thanks to Meg as well. We look forward to booking with you again, hopefully not in the too distant future." – Angela and Peter

"Hi to all at Frank Ford Travel, we have enjoyed so much of your wonderful service in arranging many of our holidays. Now that we cannot travel overseas we look forward to seeing some of the suggestions that you come up with for local travel.We are all well here and do hope you and your families are doing OK too .Best of luck and cheers." –  Maz & Brian 

"Travel will come, the dreaming hasn’t stopped and the lists are going longer and longer .. some of us are saving our pennies for something. We have no illusion about the many dark months ahead but Linda and I both agreed, when the world has healed then we will return to Frank Ford Travel, again and again.I should add that Linda is helping lead her nursing team on the COVID-19 ward at Monash Medical Centre. She collapses into the couch most nights, exhausted after a day wearing PPE. Damn proud of her work, don’t believe the rubbish in the commercial media or self-righteous covidiots, we have the best chief medical officer and wonderful teams working across the state determined to beat this viral beast into oblivion. It’s really serious, do take care of your family and loved ones." – Roland

"Hi girls, I have put my vote in for you. You have organised some  great holidays for us over the years and we thank you very much. We are so glad that we have done so much and travelled so far in the past few years , as travelling in the future will be very different. We will be staying in Australia from now on and if we can get to Bargara each year we will be happy. Bill continuing to make slow improvements , but still a long way to go .Hope you are all well." –  Marj & Bill

"Kylee and her team are AMAZING!! My family recently took a package to Queensland and loved every minute of it … Even the lockdown , in which she (Kylee) went above and beyond to make sure we got home safe and well.Frank ford travel you are the best of ballarat." –  Rachel and family 

"Dear Kylee, A quick email to let you know Laura arrived safely in Ogden today, delayed and exhausted but safe. Thank you again for your amazing service and genuine care over this arduous process (and for supporting emtional me!) and I am sorry that it is much more difficult for you now with all things COVID!!!I will drop in to see you after the lockdown to say hello." – Annette